Imagine it. Done.

As virtual events took center stage, companies were wasting too much time, attention, and energy trying to host engaging and relational digital experiences. At Imaginate, we design and deliver customized virtual events that save time, exceed expectations, and rival in-person events.

Who We Are

We help organizations create virtual event experiences where people connect, conversations begin, and attendees interact and engage around tables with others – just like in-person events.

Background – Pausing

When COVID-19 forced every organization to become virtual, the world was forever changed.  Thanks to FaceTime, Zoom, Teams and other platforms, people connected with family, friends and co-workers.  Zoom became a verb.  And everything virtual became a webinar.

But webinars don’t work when more than one person speaks at the same time.  Whether 20 or 2,000 attendees, the bottleneck remains the same. 

Our Story – Resuming

Imaginate was born from the need to deliver a virtual experience that looks and feels like an in-person event.

Imaginate creates custom virtual events where attendees experience social interaction with others and feel like they have been to an in-person event.  With the ease of clicking to join events from anywhere, people find and interact with friends and guests at their table, easily click around to change tables and meet others. 

Every table is like an 8-person video call and all event participants simultaneously experience the same program at the same time.  Attendees see and hear the reactions of friends and colleagues at their table throughout the program, whether in the same city or around the world.  The virtual environment brings people together, builds and nurtures relationships, all while experiencing a live event simultaneously.

Stephen Burns


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