How Associa is creating connection and conversation in its quarterly team calls by using the Imaginate platform and simultaneous translation to its Portuguese teams


Leading the way as America's largest homeowners association (HOA) management company, Associa specializes in nationwide property and community management. Each year, Associa gathers its team at its annual Leadership Summit.

With clients spread across the United States, Associa needed a better way to gather its team as the COVID19 pandemic limited travel and in-person gatherings. A traditional webinar or video conferencing solution couldn’t provide Associa with the level of connection and interactivity necessary for the a good three-day event which included:

  • A virtual happy-hour to connect with colleagues
  • Table-seating for breakouts in-between keynote presentations
  • Interactive vendor booths to facilitate sponsor interaction
  • Pre-produced and live professional studio services for presenters & executives
  • Guests’ ability to move freely in the event and connect with others
  • Custom branding and design created for fundraising
  • Accessibility for attendees to tune-in from anywhere to experience the event



Imaginate designed three unique environments for each part of the Associa Leadership Summit. By using one platform with custom “spaces,” Associa simplified the user experience and brought its team together in one of the most seamless and engaging ways. During the pre-planning, Imaginate synced with Associa every step of the way to cover all the bases. The event was customized to feature sponsors and create space for industry-based collaboration. In Table Mode, customers and sponsors felt like they were actually there, able to move freely throughout the event space and connect with whomever they chose.

On top of the user experience, Imaginate oversaw the run of show and producing all audio/video elements. The Associa team joined us in-studio to pre-record all event content  as well as live-stream for the day-of experience. 

Throughout the experience, attendees could reach out to the Imaginate in-event help desk team, receiving immediate support for any technical challenges. In total, Imaginate delivered way more than just a platform for the Associa Leadership Summit…

  • Custom Designed Event Spaces & White-Label Branding
  • Full A/V Presentation Delivery
  • Pre-Event Invitations & Tutorials
  • Technical & Presenter Rehearsals
  • Live In-Event Help Desk
  • Sponsor Branding & Engagement
  • Realtime Broadcasting from Professional Studio
  • Graphic Design & Video Editing Services
  • Post-Event Data Collection & Attendance Reports

Imaginate is proud to have partnered with Associa for this event. This three-day conference proved that engaging opportunities for remote gatherings and all-hands meeting exist.



Associa received overwhelmingly positive feedback from employees and vendors:

  • "I was wondering how this would go with a virtual summit, and it's really been fun!"
  • "Very innovative way to get together!"
  • "Great tech! Seamless experience."
  • "Just great to see and interact with everyone on a platform other than Zoom!"

The 2021 Associa Leadership Summit was themed, “Exploring the Possibilities of Tomorrow.” In short, the Associa team exceeded expectations and pioneered a virtual experience that brought their team together, even during a pandemic. We look forward to seeing what they do next!

Stephen Burns


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