Inspire Leadership Network

Explore how in-person events were taken global using hybrid technology for a diversity of member-led events with a high priority on relationship-building


The Inspire Leadership Network is comprised of 25 chapters across the U.S., helping C-Suite executives succeed. Local chapters regularly convene leading CIOs and CISOs to foster meaningful relationships by hosting non-commercial, member-led programs – providing leadership advantage. 

InspireCIO recognizes CIOs and CISOs by promoting outstanding technology leaders to the business community, building relationships between executives and their trusted business partners and inspiring the next generation of technology leaders through annual CIO/CISO of the Year® ORBIE® Awards programs in major cities around the US. 

When COVID-19 forced every organization to become virtual, InspireCIO had to adapt quickly to support its event-heavy activities. It became apparent that webinars wouldn't work, because when only one person could speak at a time.  Whether 100 or 1,000 attendees, the bottleneck remained the same. 



Imaginate became the ideal technology partner and event service team to facilitate its total transition to virtual and then back to hybrid event operation. Imaginate's role was to deliver a virtual experience that looked and felt like an in-person event, with table conversation, engaging features, and user autonomy (granting the user the ability to move around freely).

By partnering with the executives of Inspire Leadership Network, Imaginate has created several custom brand-centric events where attendees experienced social interaction with others and felt like they have been to an in-person event.  

With the ease of clicking to join events from anywhere, guests could find and interact with friends and colleagues. By clicking around to change tables, they were also able to meet others without cumbersome breakout technology. 

The virtual environment brings people together, builds and nurtures relationships, all while experiencing a live event simultaneously.


The virtual environment continues to excel in every sense. InspireCIO continues to produce 25+ hybrid awards experiences in partnership with Imaginate. The platform continues to successfully bring people together, build and nurture relationships, all while experiencing a live event simultaneously.

From award shows to wine tastings, venture startup presentations to relationship-oriented networking events, Imaginate has been the go-to partner for any virtual or hybrid event that Inspire Leadership Network needs.

Stephen Burns


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