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See how REEL is using your top 10 movies to revolutionize self-discovery and doing it in partnership with Imaginate



Leveraging the visual power of team member’s favorite movies, the team at REEL Experiences creates custom experiences (virtual or in-person) that accelerate values of trust, collaboration and team connection.  Way more fun than a personality assessment and way more insightful than a team building activity, REEL is a revolutionary methodology for self-discovery and team development.  As team members see their top 10 movies and share their story with their peers, they feel seen and known by others—providing a win-win for everyone.

In December, REEL was contacted to host a virtual Christmas party for the Chick-fil-A technology team with the goal of learning about one another and building connection before the holidays. To do so, Imaginate and REEL teamed-up to produce a New York City Christmas event that felt like a the set of a holiday movie!

To accomplish this, REEL needed a platform with:

  • The ability to move freely in the event and connect with various facilitators and peers
  • Custom branding and design which created an environment conducive to connection
  • Engaging ways for attendees to tune-in from anywhere and experience the fun


Imaginate used a photorealistic, Christmas in New York rooftop design to replicate "The Top of the Rock" for the beginning of the event. After playing several icebreaker games and mingling around in Table Mode, the guests were introduced to the REEL mobile app, where they connected their top ten movie list to their profile. This app allowed every participant to see their top ten movies and also answer relevant questions to engage with the activity.

Next, the guests took the "elevator" down the Rockefeller Ice Rink (see below) for speed networking! They would pair up on the "ice rink" and answer specific questions to uncover fresh insights about their personality, motivations, obstacles, and inspiration. As the guests skated with one another, they began to grow in connection and empathy.

Finally, the teams gathered together to enjoy the results, reading about the values that make the holidays a special time for each of them. The Imaginate platform made it possible for smooth transitions between the one-on-one speed networking and the larger group discussion format to share learnings from the day. 



With the ambiance of New York City at Christmastime providing a festive mood, this event was a culmination of creativity and connection for the Chick-fil-A employees and the REEL Experiences team. There were so many elements to be enjoyed: custom games, ice breakers, trivia, speed networking, meaningful personal insights, a companion mobile app, and customized team building exercises that left everyone who attended feeling that they were actually at an event, despite tuning in for a few hours from home or the office. 

Imaginate was proud to serve and create a space for meaningful conversations and team building to occur, especially with such groundbreaking activities provided by the REEL Experiences team.

Stephen Burns


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