Discover ServiceNow's digital pivot toward a platform that drastically improved the "networkability" of their events, created the best experience a remote user could have second to being in-person!

  • “Imaginate Events helped us transform our tired Zoom events to truly interactive virtual events! The platform helped us solve one of our major challenges with virtual events – the loss of networkability and connectivity through a virtual platform.”
    - Christin Rhodes, ServiceNow



ServiceNow excels in bringing innovation and improvement to all of its customers across the working world. By bringing together user groups accross the technology sector, ServiceNow was accustomed to regularly collaborating and connecting like-minded clients to learn and leverage each others’ experiences to improve successful outcomes. 

With clients spread across the United States, ServiceNow sought a better tool for gathering various user groups and developing regional communities. Zoom calls could not provide the engagement or interactivity necessary for ServiceNow’s objectives, so they partnered with Imaginate to reimagine the User Group experience virtually.

  • The ability to move freely in the event and connect with various guests
  • Custom branding and design which created an environment conducive to learning and collaboration
  • Engaging ways for attendees to share ideas and connect from anywhere!


Imaginate designed the virtual ServiceNow User Group (SNUG) experience to simultaneously facilitate workshops, customer sessions, and sponsor presentations alongside free-roaming networking experiences during the breaks! The event was customized to feature sponsors and create space for industry-based collaboration. In Table Mode, customers and sponsors felt like they were actually there, able to move freely throughout the event space and connect with whomever they chose.

Often, before a User Group session begins, Imaginate starts a pre-event workshop in Presentation Mode, where a ServiceNow expert could do a tutorial and share on new improvments and updates to the software offerings.

With Imaginate overseeing the run of show and running all audio/video production, The Service Now team could enjoy the presentation and interact with the various attendees without having to worry about running the event themselves.

Christin Rhodes, ServiceNow’s Senior Field Marketing Manager, explained:

  • “Not only is the platform innovative and exciting, the team behind Imaginate Events makes it all run seamlessly. Having the support of their team behind the scene from start to finish has been invaluable for me. From collaboration on ideas, troubleshooting issues, and day-of production support helped make our events a true success.”

Throughout the experience, attendees could reach out to our in-event help desk team, receiving immediate support for any technical challenges. In total, Imaginate delivered way more than just a platform for the ServiceNow team…

  • Custom Designed Event Space & White-Labeling
  • Full A/V Presentation Delivery
  • Pre-Event Invitations & Tutorials
  • Technical & Presenter Rehearsals
  • Live In-Event Help Desk
  • Sponsor Branding & Engagement
  • Graphic Design & Video Editing Services
  • Post-Event Data Collection & Attendance Reports

Imaginate is proud to partner with ServiceNow for their ServiceNow User Groups across North America!  


ServiceNow received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the improved user experience:

  • "We have now hosted several of our larger user group programs on the platform and the feedback we get from our customers is glowing every time. They are thrilled with the fact they can have smaller, intimate conversations with different groups of people throughout the event as well as the freedom to move and explore."

By reimagining the remote attendee experience with Imaginate, Service Now has exceeded client expectations and continues to grow their virtual event attendance. The opportunities are endless for those in technology and beyond. As the ServiceNow team said themselves: 

  • If you are wanting to get outside the box from Zoom or other basic web conferencing platforms for virtual programs, highly recommend looking into Imaginate Events and all they can offer!”
Stephen Burns


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