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Experience how Stradley Ronnon reimagined a theatrical way of giving back to the arts community without needing to step foot into a Broadway theatre!


It’s not everyday that a law firm brings a Broadway hit to your living room. Stradley Ronon, one of Philadelphia's premier law firms, wanted a virtual way to engage its clients and support the arts during a time every theatre in America was darkened due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

The solution? Hamilton at Home: a Virtual VIP Broadway Experience.

Since 1926, Stradley Ronon has counseled all types of clients and companies – from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations – providing practical, value-driven legal counsel. With offices in eight strategic locations, the Philadelphia-based firm’s team of more than 200 attorneys work with a full spectrum of clients, meeting a variety of needs. 

This year, instead of gathering in-person or simply live-streaming video content, Stradley Ronon partnered with Imaginate to emulate the in-person experience of gathering at a Broadway Theatre for an evening of culture, conversation, and connection.

By designing a table-based theatre, guests could socialize and experience a custom environment designed to facilitate an authentic Broadway-themed event! This layout featured:

  • The ability to move freely in the event and connect with various guests/clients
  • Custom branding and design which created an environment that wowed guests
  • Remote access for attendees to tune-in to the experience from anywhere


Imaginate worked closely with Stradley Ronon to design this Broadway ballroom, complete with table seating assignments and a stage capable of playing any livestream content or music during the event. In Table Mode, VIP guests and employees felt like they were actually there, able to move freely throughout the event space.

After time to network and meet other guests, the curtain opened. The show began as attendees turned their attention to Presentation Mode, where emcee Bruce Leto, co-chair of Stadley Ronon’s Investment Management Group, welcomed guests and kicked off the event in full-screen.

With Imaginate overseeing the run of show and running all audio/video production, the Stradley Ronon team could enjoy the presentation and watch Broadway stars come to stage to share backstage stories and give private performances from the hit show, Hamilton.

Throughout the event, attendees could applaud, chat, and interact with the content. Using a mixture of professionally pre-produced videos and live speakers, Stradley Ronon went over the top to create an event which communicated professionalism, creativity, and excellence.

Imaginate was proud to serve Stradley Ronon with the following event services:

  • Custom Designed Event Space & White-Labeling
  • Full A/V Presentation Delivery
  • Pre-Event Invitations & Tutorials
  • Presenter Rehearsals
  • Live In-Event Help Desk
  • Graphic Design & Video Editing Services
  • Post-Event Data Collection & Attendance Reports

In short, Imaginate became an extension of Stradley Ronon’s event team with the experience and expertise to ensure the event ran smoothly and exceeded expectations. 


Stradley Ronon’s event team had this to say about their experience working with Imaginate:

  • "This event experience was so much smoother than any previous webinar we've used before. Imaginate was incredibly helpful. They did such a great job, and we're very thankful."

Also announced during the event was Stradley Ronon’s commitment to give $10,000 toward the Actor’s Fund. By reimagining the remote attendee experience with Imaginate, Stradley Ronon exceeded expectations and continued to engage clients while benefiting the arts community in the midst of the pandemic.

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