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See the way two authors leveraged a virtual rooftop to launch their sixteenth leadership coaching content to an array of their friends, family, and colleagues!



Lee Colan and Julie Davis-Colan, authors of Healthy Leadership, were looking for a BIG WAY to celebrate their 16th book launch. First, they threw a large in-person event to kick off the promotional season for their executive consulting practice, "The L Group."

Following a great in-person event, they asked this question: "How could a virtual book launch be designed to properly accommodate and replicate the same energy and excitement of an in-person event?"

Imaginate became the answer to that question. By collaborating together, Lee and Julie were able to articulate their desire for connection, comprehension, and creativity in an online setting. The result was the Healthy Leadership Rooftop Book Launch: A Live META Experience!



In order to create a "Meta" experience, the Imaginate team devised a customized rooftop environment that felt suitable to replicate an in-person book launch event. Because the formal book launch had occurred, this was the perfect opportunity for the authors to give their full focus to anyone who could not attend in-person. 

This event served as both a webinar to introduce topics and concepts while also being a social opportunity to network and grow closer to the authors' friends and customers.

The majority of the event took place in Presentation Mode wherein Lee and Julie were able to teach through their presentation while keeping an eye on the chat and emoji reactions, answering questions as they went along. The crowd favorite, however, was when the authors would send the event guests back to Table Mode to discuss the topics at hand and take the opportunity to visit around tables by "hopping" from one group to the next.


Lee and Julie were thrilled with the experience collaborating and found the technology to be a great opportunity to take individual clients deeper. Because of the online nature of the book launch, countless friends and family members were also able to attend who otherwise would not have been able to celebrate the launch or learn the Healthy Leadership concepts with the authors.

  • "The team, starting with James, were all fabulous! Very responsive, courteous and professional. Loved the output!"
    - Lee Colan & Julie Davis Colan
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